2009 Sustainability Fair
Saturday, May 2
at Lima Town Hall
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
The goal of the fair is to foster awareness of our overuse of the earth's resources, and to promote changes in everyday practices that will enable people to save money and reduce energy and resource consumption. As we collectively learn how to make more sustainable choices, we contribute to the conservation of these vital assets for future generations.

Multi Media
Come & See Exhibits & Presentations
All through the day, you will see videos and presentations on such subjects as: Making Your Older Home More Energy Efficient; Reducing Your Carbon Footprint; Small Scale Renewable Energy Options; Why Historic Preservation Is Green.

Workshop: Making Old Windows Efficient
Led by Steve Jordan, window restoration expert
Is it time to replace those "leaky windows" in your old home or does it make more sense to repair and restore the existing ones? Steve Jordan, a graduate of Cornell University's Historic Preservation Program and a contributing editor for Old House Journal will provide some practical advice "hands on" answers in a workshop beginning at 11:00 AM (Please reserve a place in the workshop when you register at the Fair).

Tour: Energy Efficient Home
Latest Technologies

What's it like to live in a "Green" House? Find out as you tour this local home -- fitted out with all sorts of energy efficient technologies. Wind power, Passive Solar, Solar Panels, and more. Get answers to your questions about the need for converting from wasteful designs to the latest in energy efficiency. See Fair Schedule for Tour times.

Tour: Lima Heritage
Restored Vintage Buildings

Are we proud of our long heritage here in Lima? You bet -- and there are several vintage homes and downtown buildings that have recently been restored and adapted for reuse. Preserving the best of our older buildings is definitely a "green" activity -- it costs so much less to restore than to tear down and build new. Less materials, less destruction to our environment, plus the opportunity to bring aging stores up to modern energy efficiency.

Kids: Green Activities
Learning Conservation

Supervised, eco-friendly crafts and films for kids. With plenty of fun activities for children from 4 to 14, our qualified adults will help your children learn more about their environment and how they can be good stewards of our planet. While parents browse the exhibits and attend the mini workshops all through the day, your kids will come away with a better appreciation for energy efficient living.

Help Us Recycle at the Fair:
Bring some of the following items along

Please consider bringing the following "trash-to-treasure" items with you to the Sustainability Fair. We could put them to use in the basement for Children's Crafts:

  • bottle caps - metal & plastic
  • empty household paper tubes
  • yogurt containers - washed please
  • salad dressing bottles - washed please
  • left over shoe polish
  • bundle of small sticks from your yard - "Y" & "I"
  • shoe boxes
  • old wool mittens
  • yarn leftovers

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